i prefer both.


Anonymous said: oh i had sent another ask! what i said was that you actually reblogged my selfie about a week ago, the one with the curly mohawk haha i wanted to get a buzz cut at length #4 (i think thats the term?) and im going to school tomorrow and im worried it will look bad. i rly wanna get a buzz cut im just worried ill hate it? thank u btw! and i cant login rn, thus being on anon haha

Yess do it omg you could totally pull off a really androgynous look, so hot, yes. You’re going to be uncomfortable with it it first, or at least I was, it’s a big change. Tons of fun though, I would suggest not telling anyone and showing up looking like a total bad ass


I’m looking cute today

Anonymous said: did u get that ask? <:3c sorry if im a botherrrrr

Yes yes I answered! Not a bother at all, I was worrying that you hadn’t seen it, scroll down a bit bb :)

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